Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chapel Allerton Lawn and Tennis Club

It's been a very busy three months as I've been chief (or perhaps deputy) nurse to Mum who hasn't been well, but she's on the road to recovery so that's all good. After a gruelling day in London yesterday (trying to earn cash) I treated myself to a delicious and reasonably priced lunch today. Anyone who joins gyms to try their food (a strange sect of which I am a member) should really join this place to taste 'Racquet Bistro''s food. Apparently they are about to open their doors to non-members so if you can hang on a month you won't even have to join the gym. I decided to join the gym as a 'social member' for sixty quid after tasting the wonderful food at this place about eighteen months ago. That meant I could also join the even more bizarre cult of 'Chapel Allerton Running Club'. I haven't been for about a year, as I've been in training to get good enough to keep up with them all. But, I sauntered in this lunchtime and ordered from the Bistro's extensive - admittedly meat orientated- menu: salmon, hollaindaise sauce and salad. For seven pounds it was a large fillet of salmon, immaculately cooked (difficult of course with fish) with a very tasty sauce and a fresh, crispy, inspiring salad and a few boiled new potatoes. Perfect lunchtime, gastro-pub grub. I have had their meat dishes before too, and their meat is exceptional as Bernard (the owner) is a full time butcher. Julie (Bernard's partner) who I had a lovely chat with today is a marvellous hostess, as well as an excellent chef, and this place really is a gem in the heart of Chapel Allerton. I think the best food in Chapel A (for the price).