Monday, November 27, 2006

Chemo's started and I'm fine

Yes. Chemo started on Thursday. To precipitate the momentous horrendosity of losing one's hair I have had all mine chopped off. I bought some clippers and HRH did the business (properly) after I did a v poor job on Wednesday. Then after Thursday which was worse than I was expecting, I spent two days in bed. Followed by a night in hospital when we thought I might be allergic to something, but it was probably a panic attack brought on by the steroids.

Now I'm fine, apart from waking up at 5am. So I've done loads, for example ringing up one of my dementia tutors to get that baby up and running again, and plan to do even more (Like watch Murder She Wrote). And Jeremy Kyle's been sorting out more peoples' lives. I'm amazed he hasn't been canonized.

The cats are more perky today as the sun's come out. I'm fed up with Broadband altogether and my new tactic is sitting by the door at the internet cafe. It doesn't work. In fact it's worse as there's a more concentrated build up of smell just at the door.

The strange thing is, because I was expcecting to me more sick, I now have more time than I was expecting on my hands. Anyway it's all good. Still meditating etc, but really just looking forward to the spring more than ever.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Does Richard Littlejohn upset anyone else?

I did actually glance at the Mail yesterday - it was lying on the table at the Library when I was browsing the Ecologist.

Littlejohn upsets me, and like Blaglady says it's not long ago since people were publicly lynched. There's a good new programme called '100% English' which was on last night which proved to some racist idiots that they're not English after all. The problem with the concept of free speech though is that the media is not controlled by the nice man who presents 100% English, me or Blaglady. It's owned by cretins like Murdoch, the Barclay brothers, Lord Rothermere and Dirty Desmond.

So now instead of saying to the racists 'You can't say that', we have to argue with them. Quite frankly I'm too busy. I feel like the only person alive who doesn't believe in the nation state or national boundaries. Nationality's just a tool to create barriors, racism, angst and soldiers.

I'm coming round to Jeremy Kyle though. He said today there was no excuse for sexist behaviour in 2006. He didn't seem to mind that this sexist guy was smashing up his own furniture. He was more concerned that he wasn't helping his partner change their baby's nappy. Good.

Anyway can't stay long. The smell is getting to me a bit and I want to watch 'Murder She Wrote'.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Chemo starts on Thursday 23rd November

At Barts. Am in Library and only got 6 minutes left. It doesn't smell. But if Hitler had've designed libraries this would be his inspiration.

Other News - my Tracey Emin books have arrived at library. Written to Diane Abbott and complained about the regulations of ovarian tissue freezing. Also we still have £40K equity on the flat. Hurrah! Might go and buy the Daily Mail.

Monday, November 13, 2006

The future's Zen (NOT orange)

Yes, we've been without broadband or any internet connection whatsoever for God knows how long. And we've sacked Orange. Utter, utter useless idiots.

I'm in the smelly internet cafe now, but only one teenager in sight as it's probably a bit early for them.

Other news - We've bought the dress! Brilliant.

Chemo due to start any second, but I still don't know when.

The cats are lovely and everything is good. I can apparently cop out of chemo if it's too horrible after four sessions. Good. Quincy has been replaced by Murder she Wrote on the afternoon schedule. I think I prefer Murder She Wrote. Midsomer Murders is so slow moving we had to retire to bed before it finished last night.

We've had our first meeting of the Green Party. I told them their strategy needed to have global warming further up the proposal than who types the minutes. I didn't sabotage it though, I'm saving the launch of my 'Tax the Rich' campaign for a later date.

Meditation going well, and I even bought a magazine about it the other day. So it's great that our new internet provider is called 'Zen'. They typically cost infinitely more than the alternative. Typical. Yes, have a bit of paradise, but only if you can afford it.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Anti Antiporn

Just like Germaine Greer and any other famous anarchists you can mention, they start contradicting themselves at virtually every opportunity. OK, so this internet cafe doesn't smell. And there's no porn. But everyone in here is applying for jobs.

To put it simply - I feel like I'm at work. So there you have it. The choice is yours. Pornography or work? A very, well, not-difficult question.

Draw your own conclusions. There is some philosophy in there but I need to get it articulated effectively without causing offnonsence.

Three minutes to go and the light is flashing. It's like that exam. Or Driving Test.

Orange is rubbish plus more FAT

A quick moan - we've given up on Orange and the other Internet Cafe smelt so bad I've found another one. It doesn't smell and is fiercely anti-pornography so they're aren't so many teenagers in this one. Anti-porn is v fashionable in Stoke Newington. Good.

More nice news - we've watched Anchor Man which was hilarious (1)
2) The Tattonmeister and his beautiful girlfriend came to stay at the weekend and we impressed them with LMNT (Restaurant in Hackney).
3) Watched the Royle Family and loved it but it made me cry just as much as it made me laugh. I suppose that's Life.
4) I've collected my sewing machine and have been preparing all the trousers I'm going to shorten.
5) Beautiful weather and our wedding photographer is coming on Tuesday to take 'some engagement shots'! Hurrah!