Saturday, December 06, 2014

Free dementia care for all

Care should be free for everyone, it is a human right.  The cost of this would probably be about £45billion in the UK, raising income tax by 10%.  Personally I think this is worth it.  I want to start by making all dementia care free - FOR everyone.  If I get enough support in this I will set up a lobbying group for this purpose and spend the next year or so drilling up support for it.  At the moment there is a terrible anomaly in the UK system.  If you get cancer all your care is free.  If you get dementia you have to pay.  Why, why, why is this so unfair? We need people in all walks of life to join us in this campaign - lawyers, doctors, politicians, academics, voluntary sector, carers and people with dementia themselves.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Three amazing things

1) Love is the most amazing thing in the whole world - I am hoping to publish some work on it in the dementia field.
2) Truth is also amazing, can we love each other if we don't trust?
3) Freedom is also incredible.  If we are free it is easier to love.  Is love possible if freedom is denied?