Tuesday, August 30, 2005

First posting

Started this blog to discuss ideas about PhDs, kittens, financial management, stoke newington, dancing on margaret thatcher's grave, surgery, boyfriends, journalism, organic food, dementia and the history of medicine.

Oh, and comedy.

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tatton said...

Haven't really achieved this, but here is my own scoring system for myself over the past six months. Marks out of ten for how often discussed:
1) PhDs - discussed but not on the blog, and yes it is a good idea; I want to leave the real world and enter academia where people actually get younger rather than age., but need an MA first. 2/10.
2) Kittens. They are now cattish, but still gorgeous. We have moved the cat litter away from the computer so at least I can't smell the stuff when blogging. 8/10
3) Financial Management. Not discussed this at all on the blog - because it's a sensitive subject. My tip is to monitor your daily expenditure and try to increase your income. 0/10
4) Stoke Newington. Not really mentioned. Don't know why. Perhaps because my local has changed hands and the new landlord is a nazi. 0/10
5) DoMT grave - mentioned, and discussed. Dad doesn't like the idea, I've gone off it. 5/10
6) Surgery - not mentioned. Don't know anything about it. 0/10
7) Boyfriends mentioned. No conclusions drawn. 5/10
8) Journalism. Mentioned a hell of a lot. 9/10
9) Organic food -not mentioned. 0/10
10) Dementia - 0/10
11) History of medicine - 0/10

Basically will have to redraft aims of blog.