Sunday, October 02, 2005

Scott is an international hero!

Scott is a hero! Hopefully we've sent the sploggers packing and I can get on with my fplogging. It's brilliant - I don't have to worry about saying the word kitten, kitten, kitten. Kitten to my heart's content!

Scott - you're welcome to come over to London anytime and stay with me and Phil. You might find us a trifle dull though. I rant and rave about the future of health commissioning in England all the time, and Phil rants and raves about military computer strategy games all the time. But you can play with the kittens.


scarz said...

Ya I'm pretty sweet! :-)

I'm looking to do some studying abroad within a year or so, and I've always thought the UK would be a great place to live for a while. I'll let ya know if I'm coming your way - you guys can show me around.

Phil said...

When will you post again?