Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Excellent comedy on Saturday night

By reading mine and Phil's blogs you'd think we lived in different countries, never mind shared a relationship. He's managed to make Das Capital look small in his latest entry (I'm talking about blogging here!) - and he didn't even mention the amazing comedy we saw on Saturday night.

There was a women's writing festival - 'Chic-Lit' in Bethnel Green in this great, modern, small-theatre venue place. All of the women were hilarious - which I really wasn't expecting. It sounds awful, but I was expecting them to be radical lesbian people, and it was incredibly civilised without your average chavvish asbo lout present.

I have decided to get a dishwasher.


Phil said...

It was called Spit-Lit festival. I think its supposed to be a play on Chick-Lit. I really enjoyed it as well apart from that perverse toilet woman who rubbed herself all over with and the phalated a toilet brush. I guess you have your gadgets (dishwasher) and I have mine(hifi & computer).

Jo said...

Definitely get a dishwasher. My mum bought me one just after I moved in with my Significant Ex. "If you're going to live with a man, dear," she said, "you're going to need one of these.".

She wasn't wrong. And that's not a sexist comment, it's a gender-aware one.