Friday, April 20, 2007

Everything is great!

Everything is great at the moment. Have a lovely new job with new people who are all wonderful. I have my wedding CD on at the moment - I managed to actually use the CD player. And I'm charging up my new IpoD to put all the wedding disco songs on. And the sun is shining and only a month to go to the wedding!

It's all consuming now - every second we're doing wedding related activities and I wish I could bottle the feelings I feel now to sample in years to come when I may have a blue day. If only life were so simple. I just can't wait to smile and laugh all day - but every second will be recorded to re-live at will. We've almost got all the outfits, everything is booked, and nothing is denting my amazing good mood.

Upside Down, Boy - you turn me, inside out and round and round! I'm crazy to think you're all mine. As long as the sun continues to shine there's a place for you in my heart - that's the bottom line.

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