Friday, August 03, 2007

How long before I stop wearing a coat?

I've come to Leeds for the weekend to acclimatise before we move here. The thing you easily forget about up North is how about 1% of the population wear coats, even if the temperature is about 10 degrees below Zero. But the fascinating thing is I USED TO NEVER WEAR A COAT EITHER. Back in the day, when Northern cities really were run down, I never wore a coat out, in January. So the moral of the tale is that non-coat wearing is a purely cultural phenomenon. I won't be able to get Northerners to wear coats, they'll infiltrate my softie southernised culture and persuade me not to wear it, in their subtle, influencing ways. But how long will it take?


soulcompost said...

Really enjoy the blog - arrived here via Blaglady. I remember working at Homerton as a house officer years ago so you have my sympathies about health care in Hackney. Can it be so bad that you need to move north though? Good luck anyway.

tatton said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm delighted with health care in Hackney. Just moving cos I can't stand being apart from my husband. Although he says it's miles apart (much better, the health care) up there.