Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Coping in a crisis is actually easier than you think.  Here are my top ten tips:

1) Ask for help - family, friends, the professionals; whatever is appropriate in the circumstances.  If it's that bad dial 999 and then someone else; try to make sure you aren't alone in this.
2) Practise deep breathing.  Concentrate on breathing more slowly on your out breaths, count to seven in and 11 out. 7/11 easy to remember.
3) Can you take some time out? Even a few seconds for some fresh air while someone else deals with the crisis for a bit.
4) Distraction - great for taking your mind off things when you're ruminating on whatever the problem or crisis is.  If you know you can't do anything to control the situation, take yourself out of it and say 'What can I do to distract myself for 5 minutes?'
5) Talk to someone - see 1 above.  What would you advise your best friend to do in the same situation? Who is the best person you can talk to right now?
6) Make a plan - what can you do to get yourself thinking straight, rationally and reasonably again?  Are there some useful lists you could write? What has worked well for you in the past for previous problems?
7) Meditate
8) Self hypnosis
9) Positive self talk
10) Prayer. 7-10 tips are more or less the same thing in my opinion.  Keep positive in your language to yourself and keep your affirmations and personal requests to yourself as specific and doable as possible.  'Thank you for the blessings on this day, the sun rise, the beautiful seasons and my wonderful friends and family. I know time is a great healer and I want to appreciate every second life blesses me with.   Please give me the strength, fortitude, motivation, perserverance, determination, resourcefulness, power and control to do the little things every day that make life the pleasure it is and appreciate, counting my blessings every day when I can.  Thank you for my life'.

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