Friday, March 06, 2015

New phase

We have moved house - from Leeds to Leek!

This could be one of the best things I have ever done.  It is great, I am back close to friends and family and my home town, living (temporarily) in a little bungalow walking distance from Leek town centre.

I am back to my old self and full of beans, not eating processed food, making meals from scratch again.

Work is going ok, I am hopefully going to be teaching meditation and training and researching dementia - working from home. I started a Facebook chat on our Facebook 'Dementia Study' group and my blog viewings were 400 yesterday! 

Yes, the past few years have been tough but I am through it now and ready for this new phase.  Loving it!

I should talk for longer now that it's all good news, after all my mantra is 'Write your sad times in sand, your good times in stone'. But I feel like I'm bragging about my life.  Just because I'm doing well right now, doesn't mean everyone else is.  But on the other hand I've had a tough ten years - tougher than most people get in their lifetime. As BC said to me about the good things: 'You deserve it!.

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Annabel Howarth said...

Hey Anna, when did "being happy" mean "bragging"?Everyone's life goes through peaks and troughs, not in equal measure, but hearing happy news gives us all hope, so please carry on with your happy news. I for one, love to hear it. xx