Thursday, December 08, 2005

Isn't it about time that bullying and harassment was made illegal?

Yet again another story about a woman commiting suicide because of bullying and harrasment. Today, a woman worker at 'KFC' was found to have committed suicide after colleagues verablly abused her.

It's an absolute joke that this happened on the same day that Robbie Williams got £200k damages for papers saying he was gay. The defammation laws are disgusting in this country - giving rich people the chance to get even richer whilst those who really need help for defammation have no opportunity for legal redress.

In my job, one part of which (of course the part of my job I really cherish and adore) is managing car parks. You can imagine the abuse myself and my staff get on a daily basis - from highly educated human beings. Apart from internal policy there is no opportunity to change people's behaviour.

The law is an ass. The law must change to allow individuals to take civil action regarding aggressive behaviour - such as verbal abuse and attacks.

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Phil said...

You'd have to build a hundred new courts and hire a thousand new lawyers