Sunday, December 11, 2005

You are visiting the award-winning Tattontastic website

Launched in August 2005, as a protest against 'Morganisation' aka 'geek-rule', this website which you have the pleasure of reading right now was yesterday awarded the ultimate accolade as being one of the inspirers 'favourites' on his computer at work.

The founders of Tattontastic however, are concerned that this means that they have in fact caught the 'Morganimus Maximus' virus turning Tattontastic into the Morganism it was trying to subsume.

An onlooker said 'I thought Tattontastic's jokes about Thatcher dying were quite harsh. Then I realised I was Morganised.'

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Phil said...

I know and I've been thoroughly Tattonised. I pulled some one up about an elderly joke today.