Monday, February 27, 2006

Tat Pot (PR Watch No. 3)

Phil has decided that my new nick name is Tat Pot. It's a hilarious mixture of Pol Pot, Tin Pot Dictator, Crack Pot and Tatton. Poor Pol Pot must be turning in his grave.

The fact is, Phil actually IS Norman Tebbit. They've never been seen together, spout the same sort of nonsense and both claim to like cycling. Joking aside, our world is a crazy place. On Saturday, listening to David Hitlerry's Any Questions, I found MYSELF agreeing with Norman Tebbit who was saying he didn't agree that Ken Livingstone should have been suspended. Can you Adam and Eve it - Tat Pot agreeing with the Chelmsford Skinhead?

My personal crusade against greed in the media has been given another boost today. By Lord Archer promoting his book - completely without any difficult questions on Richard and Judy. I have found the article which told me about them being able to make money from selling books they're promoting - it was in last week's Time Out. A new ruling from Ofcom.

Then there was the wife of an Economist employee promoting the magazine in a 'feature' in today's Media Guardian.

There was a speaker from the 'Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation' on Radio 4's Today on Friday. Doesn't come up on google - what the hell was that all about? Yet more corruption.

There will be people in PR companies in London who are calculating exactly how much free advertising this is for the multinationals as I type. Idiots.


Phil said...

Paragraph 3 what does it mean?

Jo said...

Hi Anna ... just to let you know I tried to answer your questions about blogging over on joella in the comments on 'juicing it'!