Friday, July 07, 2006

9pm - Relatively Good News

The malignant lump was 18mm with a 2mm margin and basically it hasn't spread - not spread to the lymph nodes or anywhere else from what I can gather. So to all intents and purposes we've got rid of it. However, it was more aggressive than they thought - Grade 3 rather than Grade 2 so they may try and persuade me to have Chemo and go on Tamoxifen. That will be to get rid of any microscopic bits possibly still left in my blood, bones, kidneys, lungs etc.

We don't have to make any decisions until we've seen Dr S (another female consultant - this time oncologist) which will be in a couple of weeks. Because of my youth it is likely that they'll try and persuade me to go for the whole caboodol [need help with spelling on that one]. We've tried telling them that fertility/womanhood is a big issue (not only does Chemo make you infertile and lose your hair but Tamoxifen makes you put on weight and get hair where you don't want it) but they're concerned about recurrence and other such horrible issues.

Anyway we went and had a celebratory drink of some rather fine Belgian beer at the lovely pub where my betrothed has decided he wants to hold his 30th birthday in a couple of months.

I had a nice chat with one of my GPs, Dr H, trying to get yet another sick note out of them. She said what Hewitt was doing was (her words) a 'f***ing disaster'. She gave me one for a month which is much better, than the ten days odd which I have been getting. I was going to give them a speech about suffragettes and Tolpuddle martyrs but didn't have to.

It turns out that 3 of my friends are doing the 'Race for Life' this weekend (G, P and J)- all I think with my name on their backs. Excellent - I'll try and get photos up on the blog.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this calm and reassuring summary. I'm so relieved the news is better than we feared. Good luck with the painful and difficult decisions you are both going to have to make. You certainly sound to be addressing them with courage and even humour. Glad the glass of fine Belgian beer helped out too. Your betrothed deserves an extra-special birthday celebration. Are those of us from far-flung northern parts invited? Is there a numbers (or age)limit? Isn't it inspiring that some of your friends are doing a race for life for breast cancer? I donated last year to a young friend who walked the Great Wall of China for a breast cancer charity. That's probably past me now, so I'll try and offer my thoughts to your blog from my hole in the hills instead.