Sunday, July 09, 2006

How long does it take to write a poem?

The fact is Shakespeare was a Time Lord, perhaps even Einstein, who went back in time from about 2132 to whenever he was born and wrote his poems and stuff then. There's no way round it.

All the poetry experts I know - Blaglady, Mum, Dad, E, Roy Fisher and M all say they take a lot of 'work'. You write it, then get ashamed of the content, then rewrite it.

AS you can see from the evidence below, the only way you can write a good poem is to spend a lot of time on it. Not 10 seconds. I rest my case.

Here's another one:

There was a young lady called Tatton
Who wasn't a very big fat 'un
They said stop writing poems
She said I'm flow'in
And then she went along almost totally forgotten

That took two minutes

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Norther said...

Is this a poem?

The idea of a 21st Century edition Poetry from the Waiting Room would be to record words and snippets and views from a cross section of patients and visitors in a hospital waiting room (or corridor) That could be a fascinating document, possiblly even a collection of very short poems - they don't all have to be banal doggerel by the way, nor do they have to rhyme.