Friday, December 15, 2006

50 Ways to Deal with Anxiety

1) Write Lists
2) Good amount of sleep
3) Homeopathy
4) Bachs Flower REmedy
5) Chamomile Tea
6) Art Therapy
7) Writing Blog
8) Walking
9) Art
10) Support from Family
11) **Phil!**
12) Cats
13) Clinical Psychologist
14) Community Mental Health Team
15) Medicinal Answer
16) Sewing
17) Friends
18) Alexander Technique
19) Cleaning
20) Assistance withCleaning
21) Tidy Up
22) Make Up
23) Lavender Bath
24) Aromatherapy
25) Meditation
26) Yoga
27) Cycling
28) Acupuncture
29) Acupressure
30) Cooking
31) Eating
32) Wedding PLanning
33) Distraction
34) Routine
35) RElaxation
36) Writing children's stories
37) Calligraphy
38) Planning Event
39) Hypnosis
40) Look at Diamond
41) Expressing Gratitude, in fact most positive emotions
42) Positive Thinking
43) Go on the internet
45) Soak up nature
46) Look at a plant or flower
47) Gaze at the Sky
48) Say Calm on your out breath ten times
49) Massage
50) Reflexology


Anonymous said...

You nay think I'm a raving loon, but I'm not - I'm a long term anxiety/panic sufferer - I cured myself almost overnight with a technique developed after my own research.

It's all about the amygdala (

Do this: read about the amygdala then when you get anxious, sit quietly, visualise where your own amygdali(?) are and visualise a feather going to tickle them, you will feel a sensation in your head, this is frontal lobe stimulation. It helps to calm you and works for me!! I also read this

It does work, honest. Good luck with everything:-)

tatton said...

thanks for this will try

Sue said...

Dear Anna,

Don't you think that a good way to deal with anxiety (rather than these dauntingly long lists) might be to write emails and letters to your friends and those whom you trust. I personally find that writing emails to friends is very calming - often they reply and you can start a dialogue and share stories, feelings, jokes, experiences with each other. It can be definitely reassuring and helps you feel close to those you love and those who love you and you can reply to each other in your own good time. I'm going to write you an email right now, so hope very much that you will read it and reply before too long. I hope you don't feel quite as anxious tomorrow.

Much love,