Wednesday, December 27, 2006

First Class Holiday

We watched 'Pirates of the Caribbean' last night and I asked 'what's the point in killing people who are already dead?' and then it turned out that my TV bible (Time Out) also asked the same question - but they'd also put the said film as Film of the Day.

ANYWAY, today I've been on the internet and all my Amazon work seems to have been destroyed. I've tried on my wedding dress which is so exciting (the toile it's called, the dress which THE dress will be based on). I've looked at some old rubbish on ebay and decided that I too am going to become an EBAY success - selling some skis, ski boots and a second hand sheep skin jacket.

I'm feeling tons better and the chemo has worn off, Thank the Lord. And we went to midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. And I got a blessing from the priest. So all in all a really lovely, incredibly relaxing Christmas and we've still got the first class trip down to London to enjoy.

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John Diffenthal said...

Pirates of the Caribbean? Don't quote me on this - suspension of disbelief only goes so far and I didn't concentrate at all the relevant points.

They were fighting people who weren't actually dead. The curse left them in some form of limbo where they looked normal except in moonlight. When the curse was lifted, they could die in the old fashioned way, denouement, END.