Friday, July 13, 2007

Tatton for Governor

I'm standing for Governor of Homerton Hospital under the combined banner of the Green Party and Keep Hackney NHS Public. Against cuts and privatisation and for expansion of services. Anyway there's a postal strike today so because I posted my form yesterday means it might not get in. If I do get in to the contest, it's the first contested election I'll be standing in. I have stood to be elected before for things, but when nobody else wants to do it, so I've always got in.

I've decided already that if they try to do anything I don't like then I'll resign, so if I do get elected I might not keep the post for long. The other problem is that next year I'm likely to be very busy indeed. Doing my MA which I'm even more enthusiastic about than ever because of the National Audit Office report on dementia, this governor thing, which may not take off of course, and the job which I'm wanting to keep to as many hours as possible for financial reasons. And I'm enjoying it which is quite unusual for me. And my wifely duties, which take up much more time than you think.


Blag Lady said...

Where is the polling booth!? Tatton not Hatton! The world of glocal politics will be a better place... I will pray for the, about the MA. Has there been a change of plan I'm unaware of? Oh no, that's the doctorate isn't it? Okay, I was worried because I am looking forward to your academic opus!

tatton said...

Still doing the MA. But may be commuting - not by bike, but by train/bus God help me