Saturday, July 14, 2007

We're moving to Leeds

Yes, sorry to disappoint all our London fans, and much in the same way that Posh and Becks have gone to LA, we're going to Leeds. Husband has got a job there, I've got family there, we can buy a castle, what more can I say?

Homerton hospital is back on course for its privatisation plans, the people using our drive as a toilet for both number ones and twos can carry on in peace, Leeds Bicycle Users Group are quaking in their boots, and my employers have cracked open the champagne.


JO said...

Hey congrats Anna. So you are the latest leaver from Public Health. Wow. They'll be sorry to lose you.

Hope to see you at Lesley's do on Friday

Jo :)

tatton said...

See you there. Joking re the champagne - sure you're right, they'll be sorry to lose me. But won't be for a while!