Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is this the end of capitalism?

I hope tomorrow they finally tell us what percentage of the banks we now own for the £500 bn we've put in. I'm definitely writing to Diane Abbott and the Today Programme (again) if they don't. Basically if it's what Paul Mason on Newsnight said on Thursday - approximately 1% then we're doomed as that's definitely not enough to restore stability. My vote is of course for 100%, with us being able to vote at AGMs, politicians in charge, after all they are elected. But what I REALLY want is for us to own: 1) The National Health Service. Privatisation MUST stop. 2) Care. This needs to be part of the NHS anyway - free to anyone who needs it. Automatically for over 70s, automatic for those with disabilities. 3) Education. Free. NO PFI.

And true Democracy must occur. Money cannot be the incentive - instead we need accountability, public service, giving to others, sharing, cooperation, international flows of labour. When people realise how rewarding it is to give to others rather than consume for themselves, they won't turn back to the past twenty years of gluttonous market madness.

Yes, this is a sea change. Finally I am agreeing with all my friends. Or more to the point they are agreeing with me - I haven't changed. Even in the past month the shift to the left has been palpaple. I'm no longer arguing about economics. The mixed economy is back. Thank God. OK there might not be a revolution. But people will realise the nonsensical persistant reliance on greed - especially over the past twenty years or so - to save humanity and the earth. A more socialist, caring society is the future.

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Blag Lady said...

Vote Tattontastic! Nice piece oh lad Muse. La Blag is gonna be back on the block soon. I'm just fighting my way through a lot fo STUFF and I've finished the book (book 1) will be moving on to Book 2 - but will have some time for the blag. Meanwhile I'm reading other people's blogs as my blog fix. Yes, a return to socialist values and a less greed driven culture I least amongst the intelligentsia whoever they are. I just hope there's not a backlash as the poor get poorer and fear drives everybody even further right. Thatcher was 83 the other day, perhaps she will move along soon, taking her market with her!