Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

1) Get ill less often
A tricky one this as it is apparently beyond my control.  This year I've been struck down with severe pain from endometriosis at least twelve times.  On top of that I've had six colds - viral infections.  I really want less colds in the next year.  Hey ho.  Still alive though! Acupuncture is not apparently any assistance - since my last dose of that only about four weeks ago had two colds!

2) Practise meditation with more consistency
I was doing this twice daily at one point - about a year ago - but had problems keeping this up.  If I could do yoga again that would be a good start.

3) Carry on with my sock strike
In our house it is my role to be in charge of washing, or, as hubby calls it, laundry.  (What is that - a class difference?  Regional differences?  Is laundry more specific?).  I've calculated that sorting socks - of which the man is the main wearer - takes at least ten minutes a week.  Time that is better spent in SO many ways.  Like writing my PhD for example.  Like writing my blog.  Like ringing friends and relatives.  I started my sock strike today - no sorting for him.  Just putting in the drawer.  Wonder if he'll even notice?  Is a strike a strike if you don't announce it and it makes no perceivable difference?

4) Carry on enjoying the PhD
Shouldn't be too hard this.  I'm loving it.  Loving the reading, writing, debating.  There's nothing about it I don't like - and I get paid and am better off than before I started it!

5) Be a better friend
My main aim is to start remembering friends' children's birthdays (and possibly their wedding anniversaries).  Have already started on this crusade as have had longer than usual off for Christmas and put them in my iPhone.

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