Monday, January 09, 2012

Best Christmas and New Year ever?

I really did have one of the best ever.  And the question is, why?  I didn't win the lottery, husband didn't manage to get much time off, I wasn't abroad, I didn't have a car.  So why, why, why?  A colleague at work hit the nail on the head when he said 'Well, I suppose it depends what they've been like before.'  The past ten years or so either I've been seriously ill, a parent has been seriously ill or a close friend has died and/or we've been snowed in. 

I've always loved Christmas - or said I did.  It's something that stuck in my mind when we met the vicar before we got married.  'You're cultural Christians aren't you?' he said, in his very understanding way that all those preachers have. I nodded enthusiastically thinking of all the things I loved and still love about Christmas, most of which I can tick off this time.  Carols in the chapel on Christmas Eve (tick), seeing as many friends and relatives as I want (tick), Christmas music on the radio (tick), giving and receiving of gifts (tick), wonderful food and drink (tick), putting up some decorations (tick), being grateful and thankful of life and one's health (tick). 

Apart from myself, friends and family being alive and well, perhaps the biggest reason is that for the first time since 1995 I am truly happy in what I am doing.  I am thoroughly enjoying my PhD.

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