Saturday, April 14, 2012

Has this blog turned into the world's dullest blog?

I've been perusing my old blog posts and back when I was engaged and a newly wed they were great, funny and optimistic.  So, what has happened?  Where has my optimism gone? Well, life is probably more sedate without a wedding to organise and then freshly remember.  Work [and life] is probably a bother when you look back on it and a PhD is undoubtedly tough, not to mention family members getting sick, and it isn't their choice to get mentioned on the Internet. 

But the main reason- the passion which makes me, me - why I wanted to go into dementia research and am still motivated is because it is such a huge, unresolved issue. The elephant in the room.  Under the carpet.  And there is consensus. That could be one of the reasons I've been so quiet, as I want to maintain support from all parties, without alienating the right. All the political parties are united in that they want to resolve the problems associated with dementia - the devastation.  Everyone wants to increase research so we can get to the bottom of why this awful disease is so awful - and the sorts of things we can do to stop it being so dreadful.  We have such great examples to learn from - there's been amazing advances in the treatment and care of people who are HIV positive, people with learning disabilities, people with AIDS and cancer survivors.  So my optimism is still around, just a bit pushed out by the work I have to do to get the PhD done.  I must try and write some improved blog posts and get my regular readers back. (Hi Mum!)x

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