Monday, April 09, 2012

EAT this time - Eight Amazing Things

1) I have revived the positive side to FAT, Five Amazing Things, which lifts one's mood if one counts one's blessings
2) Being able to freewrite on the computer
3) Being painfree today and most days, appreciating being alive.
4) Reflections, in the border of the computer screen, in life and in the mirror
5) The clock ticking again, so reassuring in its regularity.  And the odds of it ticking again, continously, pretty good (especially as I think we have some spare batteries)
6) The benefits of new additions to our language and communication
7) :-)
8) Never understimating the value of the aromatherapy oil of frankinscense.  It transforms the mind, for pence, and one can write and write and write...  The mind expands...

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