Monday, June 05, 2006

Breast Cancer

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on Friday. Apologies to anyone who knows me that I haven't managed to ring to let them know, but you know now!

I don't really know where to start on this one, except to predict that I don't think this is the end of the blogging as I predicted in my last entry. Mum tried to be helpful by giving me a book called 'Writing your Way through Cancer' which I'm sure is a great book. My next entry will be 'Politicising your Way through Cancer'. I'm using the Cancer as an reason to try and get everyone else doing all the political stuff I was doing, instead of which I'm doing a tour of family and friends trying to look optimistic before I get really ill. Having the segmentegtomy or whatever it's called a week on Thursday.

Dad already thought the blog was self indulgent, but he ain't seen nothing yet.


Jo said...

There's a time for self-indulgence, and I think this is probably it! I'm still staggered that this is happening (and don't really know you well enough to say anything very helpful) but good luck on Thurs xx

tatton said...

Thanks for your message Jo! Friday we get the results from the tests today. The main thing is for people not to worry. Worry never works (There's a proverb in there somewhere, but I don't know unfortunately, perhaps you can find it for me?)

Please remind Phil to give me your email address/phone number. Also I need to meet your parents. I would rather do this sooner rather than later. We're coming up North this weekend...

Let me know your thoughts... x Love to M etc

Jo said...

You can email me via joella if you want, and I'll pick it up and send you my real email address. Phil definitely has my mobile number, and my landline is in the phone book xx