Monday, January 15, 2007

Darts, Poirot & Celebrity Big Brother

Yep, the weekend was a TV one and it was great. We watched Harry Potter and Phil guided me through the plot. Then yesterday we watched Poirot and I guided Phil through the plot. It's always the person you're least supposed to think it is with Agatha Christie. Phil said it was the Page Boy, which it never is, it's always someone with grandeur and an accomplice. So it was the banker and his secretary.

The Darts was phenomenol, apparently the best final since Jocky Wilson and Eric Bristow in 1989. Anyway, the underdog, 'Nixy' who everyone was rooting for, he'd been made redundant recently and had been able to practise his darts more. He was losing 6-0 at the interval, and managed to come back to 6-all but lost in the end. But it was very exciting. With all the marketing they're making the most of the 'Wives' (there don't seem to be any gay or single darts players). One was very glamorous and the other one wasn't, which again made one firm up one's allegiances. I couldn't decide with the wives. My new found obsession with make up (as I've got a shaved head of course) means I can now empathise with all these heavily made up women, in fact I'm now imitating them. I've finally found a foundation which doesn't make me look like I've got jaundice - it's the fairest one.

There's nothing very amusing to report on Celebrity Big Brother apart from that all the women on it seem to wear foundation I've noticed. I'm pleased I'm allowed to watch it - Phil banned me before with the normal one, but I love it. I like the human interactions they have. What is terrible though is the amount of editing when you watch it live. You're just watching and listening to an interesting conversation, but because the Channel Four lawyers are editing like hawks, so that any snippet of information about anyone else is cut.

The appointment with the Radiologist went fine - it's starting in a couple of weeks hopefully, - will find out on Friday. The main side effect from that is tiredness, which I'm counteracting with all my cycling.

The diet is going well. Like proper scientists, Phil and I have been monitoring our weights on a graph. His original graph was quite frankly a bit rubbish - you couldn't see what was going on as the scale was too small. His was our entire weight in kilograms on the y axis, with about six months on the x axis. In other words it's a straight line for both of us. I did another one with 60-58 kg on one page for myself and I've already gone off the page (in the right direction).

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