Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tattontastic the musical

We went out last night as the Tattonmeister had a gig at Cargo. It was brilliant - and we went for a Chinese first - primarily so that Phil could get the really big straws for one of his inventions.

So we've had a v relaxing day today. Phil did his tax return while I went and got some fruit and veg. The fruit bowl is stacked very high. Now I'm on this diet, I find I'm snacking more - on things like dried apricots and grapes. Then we watched Singing in the Rain. And it made me think I would want my life displayed in musical form. Did you know that Andre Previn worked with the producer of Singing in the Rain? Well I didn't. Anyway, what I'd do for one of the scenes is have a jazzed up 'Champagne Supernova' with the character playing me tap dancing up an escalator coming into Charing Cross station for when I first moved to London.

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