Thursday, January 11, 2007

The joys of Incapacity Benefit

Today was one of those days that you just write off. The weather was awful so I just did the ironing and I had the pleasure of applying for Incapacity Benefit. I'm entitled to it as 'Statutory Sick Pay' runs out after six months. Work automatically sent me the form. But there are no forms any more. You have to do it all by phone apparently. It was 'Computer says no' meets Myfanwy; a welsh girl who must have been about 19 asking ridiculous questions. Like had I been to prisoner of war camps in the far east. It was quite good - I was saying 'No' so much that I started saying it in silly accents to make the experience more enjoyable. 'nieu. nooo. nuuo.' I've certainly got no faith in the system.

The diet is still going quite well. Doing without tea and sugar is the worst bit. But I made two delicious soups today - Watercress for dinner and Lettuce for lunch. If I don't start losing weight soon I really will lose faith.

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