Thursday, November 16, 2006

Does Richard Littlejohn upset anyone else?

I did actually glance at the Mail yesterday - it was lying on the table at the Library when I was browsing the Ecologist.

Littlejohn upsets me, and like Blaglady says it's not long ago since people were publicly lynched. There's a good new programme called '100% English' which was on last night which proved to some racist idiots that they're not English after all. The problem with the concept of free speech though is that the media is not controlled by the nice man who presents 100% English, me or Blaglady. It's owned by cretins like Murdoch, the Barclay brothers, Lord Rothermere and Dirty Desmond.

So now instead of saying to the racists 'You can't say that', we have to argue with them. Quite frankly I'm too busy. I feel like the only person alive who doesn't believe in the nation state or national boundaries. Nationality's just a tool to create barriors, racism, angst and soldiers.

I'm coming round to Jeremy Kyle though. He said today there was no excuse for sexist behaviour in 2006. He didn't seem to mind that this sexist guy was smashing up his own furniture. He was more concerned that he wasn't helping his partner change their baby's nappy. Good.

Anyway can't stay long. The smell is getting to me a bit and I want to watch 'Murder She Wrote'.

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