Monday, November 27, 2006

Chemo's started and I'm fine

Yes. Chemo started on Thursday. To precipitate the momentous horrendosity of losing one's hair I have had all mine chopped off. I bought some clippers and HRH did the business (properly) after I did a v poor job on Wednesday. Then after Thursday which was worse than I was expecting, I spent two days in bed. Followed by a night in hospital when we thought I might be allergic to something, but it was probably a panic attack brought on by the steroids.

Now I'm fine, apart from waking up at 5am. So I've done loads, for example ringing up one of my dementia tutors to get that baby up and running again, and plan to do even more (Like watch Murder She Wrote). And Jeremy Kyle's been sorting out more peoples' lives. I'm amazed he hasn't been canonized.

The cats are more perky today as the sun's come out. I'm fed up with Broadband altogether and my new tactic is sitting by the door at the internet cafe. It doesn't work. In fact it's worse as there's a more concentrated build up of smell just at the door.

The strange thing is, because I was expcecting to me more sick, I now have more time than I was expecting on my hands. Anyway it's all good. Still meditating etc, but really just looking forward to the spring more than ever.

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