Monday, November 13, 2006

The future's Zen (NOT orange)

Yes, we've been without broadband or any internet connection whatsoever for God knows how long. And we've sacked Orange. Utter, utter useless idiots.

I'm in the smelly internet cafe now, but only one teenager in sight as it's probably a bit early for them.

Other news - We've bought the dress! Brilliant.

Chemo due to start any second, but I still don't know when.

The cats are lovely and everything is good. I can apparently cop out of chemo if it's too horrible after four sessions. Good. Quincy has been replaced by Murder she Wrote on the afternoon schedule. I think I prefer Murder She Wrote. Midsomer Murders is so slow moving we had to retire to bed before it finished last night.

We've had our first meeting of the Green Party. I told them their strategy needed to have global warming further up the proposal than who types the minutes. I didn't sabotage it though, I'm saving the launch of my 'Tax the Rich' campaign for a later date.

Meditation going well, and I even bought a magazine about it the other day. So it's great that our new internet provider is called 'Zen'. They typically cost infinitely more than the alternative. Typical. Yes, have a bit of paradise, but only if you can afford it.

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Phil said...

You can't just hijack the Green Party for your far left punitive tax vendetta