Friday, November 03, 2006

Orange is rubbish plus more FAT

A quick moan - we've given up on Orange and the other Internet Cafe smelt so bad I've found another one. It doesn't smell and is fiercely anti-pornography so they're aren't so many teenagers in this one. Anti-porn is v fashionable in Stoke Newington. Good.

More nice news - we've watched Anchor Man which was hilarious (1)
2) The Tattonmeister and his beautiful girlfriend came to stay at the weekend and we impressed them with LMNT (Restaurant in Hackney).
3) Watched the Royle Family and loved it but it made me cry just as much as it made me laugh. I suppose that's Life.
4) I've collected my sewing machine and have been preparing all the trousers I'm going to shorten.
5) Beautiful weather and our wedding photographer is coming on Tuesday to take 'some engagement shots'! Hurrah!

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