Thursday, September 15, 2005

Careers advice

When I worked at Hackney Council we got this free little publication called 'Opportunities' full of jobs for people in benefits and fraud offices. On the second page in was a section called 'Six ways to...' in green. I really loved the tips and collected them every week, building up a book of strategies to do things to do with my job. One day it was 'Six ways to achieve success'. The first answer was 'define success for yourself'. Interesting. The problem is that what you think of as successful changes over time. I've decided today that it's knowing someone who's been part of a sociological experiment. Of course tonight the person who I knew as 'Councillor Neil Hughes' is going to be on 49up as 'Neil'. He was a good councillor and stuck up for all the old people who were being evicted by ITnet (the privatised housing benefit service). Wonderful, that the universe is such a huge place yet humanity and beauty still excel on such a small scale.

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SMG said...

I watched 49 up too and did wonder if you'd ever come across Neil. People who've watched the programme over the years are so delighted he seems to have got through some of his bad patches - it was great to see him contributing so much. i don't suppose Neil ever got any careers advice did he? Still don't quite understand how blogging work. Am I allowed to say See you at the weekend or why haven't you rung me this evening? Should I reserve those kind of comments for an email?