Friday, September 16, 2005

Mum, Dad and Phil: I don't want christmas or birthday presents this year, just comments on my blog

And if you don't put comments on here then I'll start putting comments on here myself - about you!

Seriously though aren't those spam bloggers irritating - are they called sploggers? Mention the k word and they start trying to sell you candles bizarrely. I wonder if the sploggers have identified 'small cats' as a key word.

I can't really be bothered to write something every day, or even every week, or on an annual basis, if nobody's going to read it (and comment on it) to be quite honest. What's the point?

The other idea I thought of doing was emailing my address book to let them know I was doing a blog and get some comments that way, but then I remembered the time I emailed a story and poems I wrote when I went on holiday once and practically caused a riot in the caribbean.

As far as I'm concerned communication is a two way process and this is very one way at the moment. I ask a few questions, and the general public, including my parents and boyfriend ignore me. Anarchy, apathy. Easily confused.

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