Sunday, September 04, 2005

Kitten poo, a funeral and a leaving do


Computers and Stuff004 said...

Does race play role in hurricane relief?
The hurricane victims plucked from rooftops and slogging through waist-deep water on TV newscasts have been mostly the poor, usually black.
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tatton said...

The word kitten sadly stimulates bullshit

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tatton said...

Attending the funeral was a very touching experience. I had never met Geoff, who was the father of one of Phil's best friends.

He was born in the same year as Mum I realised from the front of the prayer sheet. The crematorium was a modern 1960s building with a glass side overlooking flowering gardens. It was a sunny, late-summer day and the stillness and quiet serenity of the crematorium seemed to contrast with the colour and movement we could see outside. There was a huge weeping willow which was so beautiful.