Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Ten Amazing Things

1) Gym membership at Scott Hall gym - £5 for 10 weeks.
2) Active Women sessions at aforementioned gym: went today, made new friends, got fit, and had fun!
3) The beautiful blustery day as I went to and from Scott Hall gym
4) The seagulls that populate the sports field making a fuss and noise as a generous person fed them
5) Tai Chi session at the gym (busy day today!)
6) Learning 'brush leg' and 'deflect monkey' in Tai Chi lesson
7) Having a lot of energy - is Andrew Johnson's 'procrastination app' working?  I did all the housework today:
8) Tidied the house
9) Hoovered downstairs
10) Cleaned kitchen and felt great as a result!

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