Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ten Amazing Things

1) Another beautiful sunny day - it makes such a difference with the sun shining and everything highlighted in glorious colour
2) Having a hot shower and listening to the birdsong outside
3) The anemones in Tibberton in flower - in January for Goodness Sake
4) The primulas also in flower here in Shropshire, in a sheltered spot, their beautiful pale yellow reminding one of the sunny day
5)  Reading a brilliant article by Sally Magnusson about her mother and dementia.  Sad but evocative and loaded with powerful words
6) Reading another excellent article in the Guardian today by Sarah Churchwell about 12 Years A Slave, the new film I want to see (though I will have my eyes shut for the violent bits)
7) Being with loved ones
8) Doing a bit of PhD work
9) Writing lists in my calligraphic Lamy fountain pen - and ticking things off the list
10) Feeling all energised after all my exercise this week

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